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Wholesale bulk orders

Bulk orders of our Soap Envelope are available to stock in your store! The perfect...

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Wholesale bulk orders

Bulk orders of our Soap Envelope are available to stock in your store! The perfect companion to bar soap, our Soap Envelope's goal is to delight your customers with ultra-lather, gentle exfoliation, and an overall luxurious experience to keep them coming back for more of your soap. Whether you're a refill store, soapery, apothecary, eco shop, ecommerce, subscription box, or pop-up shop - if you sell soap, your customers will be thrilled with the Soap Envelope!

About the Soap Envelope:

  • Stretches to fit all shapes sizes of bar soap
  • Machine washable and dryer safe - made to last!
  • Proprietary 3D-mesh boosts lather
  • Gentle exfoliation leaves skin feeling refreshed

Sustainability and Our Values:

  • Made of 100% recycled content
  • Hand made in North America, not mass produced offshore
  • Made in a facility that pays Certified Living Wage, and Bullfrog Powered
  • Bar soap replaces the need for body wash in single-use bottles. However, traditional poufs and loofahs aren't exactly compatible with bar soap. Our Soap Envelope(TM) fixes that!

Time to ditch the bodywash single-use plastic bottles and switch to soap bars + Soap Envelope.

We have 3 standard case sizes with incremental discounts. We do larger bulk orders as well so if these formats don't suit your needs please contact us.

Click here if you are looking for USD pricing and are located in the USA. If you're located internationally please contact us so we can provide a shipping quote.

Directions for Use:

  • Machine wash, dryer safe
  • Recommended to wash every week (machine wash and dryer safe, do not bleach)
  • Insert soap body bars into the Soap Envelope.
  • Saturate with water before lathering to allow soap to penetrate. 
  • Hang dry after every use

Double Recycled

Our "double recycled" Soap Envelope is made from 100% recycled polyester. It's also made from the off-cuts from our 100% Recycled and Reusable Furnace & A/C Air Filters. We HATE waste. Instead of throwing it away, we sew the scrap cuts into these luxury Soap Envelopes. Double Recycled!


Wholesale shipping of our Soap Envelope is free when ordering the 40-pack or 72-pack, to anywhere in Canada and continental USA. Contact us for an international shipping quote. Larger sizes are available on request.

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