Soap Envelope 2-Pack (free shipping to Canada & USA)



  • Made of 100% recycled content
  • 1 pack = 3 recycled plastic bottles diverted from oceans 
  • Hand made sustainably in North America
  • Allows bar...

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  • Made of 100% recycled content
  • 1 pack = 3 recycled plastic bottles diverted from oceans 
  • Hand made sustainably in North America
  • Allows bar soap to last longer and lather more
  • Luxurious lather with gentle exfoliation leaves skin feeling refreshed
  • Machine washable and dryer safe - made to last!

Time to ditch the bodywash single-use plastic bottles and switch to soap bars + Soap Envelope.


Directions for Use:

  • Machine wash, dryer safe
  • Recommended to wash every week (machine wash and dryer safe, do not bleach)
  • Insert soap body bars into the Soap Envelope.
  • Saturate with water before lathering to allow soap to penetrate. 
  • Hang dry after every use
  • For maximum Soap Saving longevity, remove bar soap while not in use

Double Recycled

Our "double recycled" Soap Envelope is made from 100% recycled polyester. It's also made from the off-cuts from our 100% Recycled and Reusable Furnace & A/C Air Filters. We HATE waste. Instead of throwing it away, we sew the scrap cuts into these luxury Soap Envelopes. Double Recycled!

1 pack of the Soap Envelope = 3 plastic bottles 



We offer free shipping on Soap Envelope 2-packs throughout Canada and USA. Note that to offer free shipping we send these "letter post" aka with stamps, since these ship flat and are lightweight. The benefits include that this shipping method is net-zero carbon emissions, and inexpensive enough for us to offer customers free shipping. The downside is that shipping may be slower (4-7 business days on average) and doesn't have tracking. A fine trade-off in our view! Thanks for shopping sustainably.



Customer Reviews

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Paul Dunn
Another Great Product

This is a great product. Perfect size for the most popular soaps made by hairy doctors (LOL). Lathers up nicely but most importantly as the bars get thinner and smaller and tend to break - this keeps them still useable. I love this as it replaces the old plastic scrubby's that worked well with the chemical soaps. Thanks again guys


Shipping was a little slow. The soap envelope is decent & I would buy more in the future


Handy and easy to use in the shower.
I put the last bits of soap in it. Works great

Corrie G
Kid is loving it!

I purchased these for my kid to use in the shower and they are absolutely loving it. It is a great eco-friendly replacement for the loofa they were using before that fell apart. We also love how 'soap' and 'envelope' rhyme, it makes for a fun shower song.

Humaira A
Wise Decision

I brought the soap envelopes in July wanting to give this innovation a try and boy I am glad I decided to do it. The envelopes deliver exactly what they state. I have been using the product for over 3 months now and here are the key things that are amazing in my opinion:

- Gentle Exfoliator: The envelope material and design helps to gently exfoliate the skin which is amazing for everyday showers.
- Product Retention: The envelopes do save the product from dissolving faster as compared to soaps that are used on their own.
- Material: Its durable and not too harsh on the skin. It also lathers well once you run the envelope under water to wet it. Also tends to dry faster which in turns helps to retain the soap inside for a longer time.
- Product: Sustainable and definitely a good one.