Soap Envelope by Cycle Air


Soap Envelope™ by Cycle Air™
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Meet the Soap Envelope, our "double recycled" lathering loofahs for soap and body care. These premium soap savers give a gentle exfoliation while offering a reusable, recycled and sustainable solution.

  • • Made of 100% recycled polyester. One 2-Pack of our  Soap Envelope is equal to 3 recycled plastic bottles pulled from landfills and oceans. 

  • • Made in Canada, hand-sewn and produced from the off-cuts from our air filters. This is why it's "double recycled" - its made of recycled polyester but also recycled scrap fabric from our main production!

  • • #WashAndReuse - Our company is on a mission to disrupt and ditch the single-use plastics with innovative designs. These soap savers are machine washable and dryer safe. They will resist mold and mildew and dry quickly with their 3-layer design engineered for airflow. No more disposable plastic loofahs!

  • • They are Soap Savers - bars of soap will last up to 5x longer using the Soap Envelope. You can also use the small soap bits when your bars get too small, put them in the Soap Envelope to use every last bit!

  • • Gentle Exfoliation - you'll love the deep cleansing feeling of our Soap Envelope that helps exfoliate and remove dirt from pores while leaving your skin feeling refreshed. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin and even reversible for extra sensitive areas.

  • • Luxurious lather - these will lather bar soap and liquid soap beautifully. For bars, saturate with water first and agitate the bar by rubbing the envelope to create suds. Since it dries well in between uses (to save soap!) it will take a moment to get it nice and wet/warm to start the lather.

Good for you, good for the planet.

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