Wholesale Soap Envelope

Soap Envelopes are the perfect companion to bar soap. For pricing, select the right option from the list below.
WHOLESALE - Shopping For My Business
RETAIL - Shopping For Myself
There are over 35 amazing retailers across North America that stock our sustainable Soap Envelopes. Refilleries, soaperies, apothecaries, boutiques and ecommerce. Check the map below and shop local instead of buying direct from our store! Our small business partners are located in many provinces and states.
Bulk order soap pouches for bar soap.
Bulk bar soap pouches.
Bulk soap envelopes
Bulk soap bags.
Bulk soap pockets.
Bulk soap sleeve.
Bulk soap net.
Bulk soap bar loofah.
Bulk soap bar luffa. 
Bulk soap sack.
Wholesale soap pouches for bar soap.
Wholesale bar soap pouches.
Wholesale soap envelopes.
Wholesale soap bags.
Wholesale soap pockets.
Wholesale soap sleeve.
Wholesale soap net.
Wholesale soap bar loofah.
Wholesale soap bar luffa. 
Wholesale soap sack.