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About the product and our company:

We are Scott and Danika, a husband and wife duo behind the brand Cycle Air. We are passionate about developing alternatives to single use products. Our Soap Envelope™ is a sustainable companion to bar soap. 100% recycled, machine washable and hand made in North America. It replaces a shower pouf/loofah and works better with soap bars, as bars of soap fit right inside.

Why do we think it would compliment your business?

We know bar soap is a gateway to more sustainable consumption choices. Liquid body wash in single-use bottles is so wasteful! When we encourage folks to switch to bar soap, we save a lifetime of single-use bottles entering landfills.  The Soap Envelope makes this decision a no brainer. Our double mesh fabric provides a rich lather and gentle exfoliation. It’s the perfect paring for handmade artisanal soaps, and our 4-way stretching fabric makes and easy fit for any shape or size bar. If you sell bar soap in your shop, delight your customers by offering bar soap's best friend! It improves the experience and keeps customers coming back for more soap bars!

We offer attractive margins of 50% with volume discounts (plus, extra margin when counting this 15% offer for Refillery Collective members). These are very unique and aim to elevate the bar soap experience. We just started offering wholesale and have a growing list of retailers - we'd love to add you!

While we do sell direct-to-consumer through our website, we do most of our volume through retail partners. We ensure we don't compete with our retail partners by only offering 2-packs on our own website, whereas in-store our retail partners sell 1-packs which is by far the most popular.

 What makes it unique?

The Soap Envelope’s focus is to make the bar soap bath experience a luxurious one. You’ve probably seen soap bags before of the sisal/agave variety - the same ones all over Amazon; ours are very different. They are build to last, much more luxurious, softer, and look great hanging in the bathroom. They don’t attract mold and mildew, and they are made sustainably by hand in North America instead of mass produced offshore. Did we mention they are made from 100% recycled material? 1 pack = 3 plastic bottles diverted from oceans and landfills.

Directions for use:
On first try, it will take 15-20 seconds or so under running water + rubbing the Soap Envelope to get the lather to start. Also be sure to use the internal flap inside the Soap Envelope to ensure the bar of soap doesn’t fall out. It’s meant to hold tight; its a tight fit to offer a great hand feel and get that exfoliation going, and it’s a super stretchy material to fit larger, artisan soap bars.
Make sure to check out our Instagram @Soap.Envelope and to see what it's all about!


Why will your customers love it?

Customers invest in the premium bar soap category because they want the luxurious and natural experience that bar soap provides. These take that to the next level. It provides an ultra-lather while gently exfoliating. Don’t just take our word for it, check out all our reviews to see what our customers have to say.


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